Kévin Lagier

Digital Art Director & Designer




February, 2019

Elium Studio is a Parisian global design studio driving positive change by applying a design that knows no limits. The studio works with a wide network of trustful partners. Model makers, engineering of fices, eco-design consultants, UX designers, developers, photographers, film-makers ...


May, 2018

Mindgames is a web experience for League of Legends which is intended to provide players tips to face the most tilting champions in the game. The website higlights League of Legends champions and gameplay situations through a beautiful, animated and interactive fresco with mixed contents and multiple entry points of interest.


2016 - Now

KissKissBankBank is a collaborative platform for funding innovative and creative projects. It is one of Europe's leading crowdfunding websites. I joined KissKissBankBank on May 2016, as Product Designer. I'm in charge of crafting the new identity and UI for our latest products.


January, 2018

An e-shop for Tamara Dutta, a pioneer of top-end holistic beauty care. Committed from an early age to the concept of environmentally conscious healthcare, using her unique know-how and a disregard for time constraints where quality is at stake, Tamara Dutta has created oils, smoothie balms and “haute couture” face masks that distill the energy and goodness of biodynamically grown Swiss plants. Photos by Ben C.K., Marina Dean-Francis.

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